Thursday, April 9, 2009


By: D.E.Levine

Director: Alex Proyas
Producers: Alex Proyas, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, Todd Black
CoProducer: Ryne Pearson
Executive Producers: Sean Perrone, David Bloomfield, Norm Golightly, Stephen Jones, Topher Dow
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, D.G. Maoloney, Lara Robinson, Phil Backman
Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Action, Thriller
Running Time: 121 Minutes

MIT astrophysics professor John Koestler becomes intrigued when his son Caleb brings home a 50-year old page of numbers that was placed in a time capsule by Lucinda Emery at the dedication of Caleb's school.

Noticing a pattern that appears to predicts the dates, death tolls and locations of every major disaster in the past 50 years, Prof. Koestler embarks on a quest to figure out what the last of the three sets of numbers mean.

Since his theory doesn't enthuse his colleagues, Koestler seeks help from Lucinda's daughter and granddaughter. The film focuses on the single father - son relationship with portending doom hanging above it.

Filled with pending-apocalyptic cliched lines, the film delivers another message as it covers a plot of destruction coupled with themes of faith and hope and the nature of free will versus pre-determined fate.

While the film borrows heavily on the Book of Ezekiel with the destruction/salvation theme, it becomes somewhat absurd as Prof. Koestler attempts to try to prevent the last 3 events from taking place.

Although it's difficult to buy into the premise of the film, the building tension as Koestler races against doomsday and the stunning visual effects, provide a certain level of entertainment.

The end of the film, with certain "chosen" children (Caleb and Abby among them) dressed in white clothes being deposited on an Earth like planet with 2 moons and a white tree resembling the Tree of Life, is a let--down after the climactic incineration of Earth.