Thursday, June 18, 2009


By D.E.Levine

Director: Shashanka Ghosh
Screenplay: Rajesh Devraj
Cast: Anu Menon, Sandhya Mridul, Ashwin Mushran, Naseer, Nasser, Vinay Pathak,
Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Shanmugha Rajan, Rajendraprasad, Rambha, Shanmughraja, Ranvir Shorey, Raju Sundaram
Running Time: 97 Minutes
Country of Origin: India
Language: Tamil with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy

This film is featured at MOMA, NYC as part of The New India series. Check for schedule. It will also play at IFC and the Asian Film Festival in New York City.
From the minute Quick Gun Murugan appears on screen in a dude ranch outfit of red pants, a Kelly green satin shirt, a yellow faux cheetah vest and a fuscia cravat, with white boots and hat (the good guys always have the white hat), the audience knows this is no normal western.

Instead, this film is a hilarious action-packed spoof on westerns, spy, action and sci-fi films like James Bond, Dirty Harry, the Avenger. The film has variously been described as spaghetti western meets Tollywood meets the Matrix meets Austin Powers.s. With his ridiculously wild costume and cleverly placed music, the action is fast and funny.

Quick Gun is a South Indian karmic cowboy with incredible pistol shooting skills that he uses to protect the weak. With a mission to protect the world and cows, he is protecting a lawless village in a remote area of India in the early eighties from a bunch of thugs led by Rice Plate Reddy, a villain (in a black hat) intent on making the villagers eat meat and changing the menu in a local restaurants to non-veg. He is busy killing restaurant owners who refuse to serve meat. Quick Gun unfortunately is ambushed, shot, killed and sent to Indian heaven to await reincarnation.

In 2008, 25 years later, Quick Gun , ascertaining that God is definitely on the vegetarian side, is reincarnated in modern day Mumbai. He finds that Rice Plate Reddy has also been re-born as a corrupt capitalist with very big plans to expand his franchised chain of McDosa restaurants throughout India and the entire world with a non-veg menu. Reddy has created an automated machine to produce beef dosas on a grand scale in order to dominate the market.

The only thing standing between Reddy and success is a mother's love. To get that, Reddy is busy kidnapping mommies throughout India and forcing them to add their mother's love so he can find "the best mum in India", accumulate a large amount of mother's love, and dominate the world.

Teaming with gangster moll, blond bombshell Mango Dolly, Quick Gun sets out to stop Rice Plate Reddy. Among other things he fights a classic duel in traffic jammed cosmopolitan Mumbai by stepping up and down across the roofs of traffic stranded cars and trucks.