Saturday, June 20, 2009


By D.E.Levine

Director: Harold Ramis
Producers: Judd Apatow, Clayton Townsend and Nicholas Weinstock
Executive Producer: Rodney Rothman
Co-Producers: Harold Ramis and Laurel A. Ward
Associate Producer: Andrew Epstein
Screenplay: Harold Ramis, Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg
Cast: Jack Black, Michael Cera, Oliver Platt, David Cross, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Vinnie Jones, Hank Azara, Juno Temple, Oliva Wilde, June Diane Raphael, Xander Berkeley, Gia Candes, Horation Sang, David Pasquesi, Matthew Willig et al.
Running Time: 97 Minutes
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Despite a stellar cast, and experienced and well-known writers, directors and producers, Year One is a disappointment.

The audience was expecting something more original and funnier. Instead of an original comedy, the film is filled with reminders of other films and characters we've seen before.

Last Year Jack Black played an animated Kung Fu Panda, who bumbled his way through situations, was overweight, and by being in the right place at the right time managed to become the chosen one. In Year One Black is a live action Zed who mimics Kung Fu Panda (without the martial arts).

Michael Cera plays Oh, a misunderstood, shy skinny sidekick to Zed who has everything bad happen to him while Zed stands by. He's exactly like Evan in Superbad.

The plot is thin and involves rewriting biblical history. The jokes are flat and people like Oliver Platt are talent that's simply wasted.

Year One will appeal to youngsters under the age of 12 and is relatively harmless to the rest of us.