Saturday, August 15, 2009


By D.E.Levine

Director: Jay DiPietro
Writer: Jay DiPietro
Producers: Peter Sterling, Austin Stark, Benji Kohn, Bingo Gubelmann and Jay DiPietro
Executive Producers: Amanda Gruss and Lawrence Levine
Co-producers: Carly Hugo and Matthew Parker
Cast: Jason Ritter, Jess Weixler, Jesse L. Martins, Tracie Thoms, Noah Bean, et al.
Running Time: 78 Minutes
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance Comedy

This film is actually a character piece about the complexities of love. Running only 78 minutes with a non-linear story line which is at times confusing, the film doesn't make any big statements but rather is reminiscent to all of us of people and events in our own lives.

Ritter and Weixler have strong chemistry between them and this film has some sharp writing. As with any romantic relationship, there is not only passion (which appears jumbled into the middle of the film), but arguments (which appear at the film's beginning).

Ritter, as Peter, is charming in a self-deprecating way. But his actions are frequently so infantile that viewers wonder why Vandy still cares about him. Weixler, as Vandy, is the more sympathetic of the two lead chracters, and she shines throughout the film.

Writer/director DiPietro wrote the original script as a theatre piece with just two characters. For the film he has added some additional characters who never diminish the focus from the main characters of Peter and Vandy, although all of the supporting actors contribute excellent portrayals.

Throughout the film there is a melancholy tone, but towards the end there's a surprising turn that is both moving and satisfying.

Both lead actors should find that their roles in this film act as a catalyst to their careers.