Monday, November 16, 2009


By D.E.Levine

Director: Frazer Bradshaw
Writer: Frazer Bradshaw
Cast: Rigo Chacon Jr., Beth Lisick, Jerry McDaniel, Luis Saguar, Diana Tenes
Producers: A.D.Liano and Laura Techera Francia
Executive Producer: Steve Bannatyne
Original Music: Dan Plonsey and Kent Sparling
Running Time: 84 Minutes
Country of Origin: United States
Lamguage: English
Genre: Romance

Shot in the East Bay Oakland area of San Francisco, this sweet film examines the monotony and stillness of Wayne's (the central character) life.

With a wife, two children and a home, Wayne is ostensibly living the American dream. But Wayne is preoccupied with the life he thinks he wants, frustrated by the life he actually has, and nothing that happens shakes him off the track of the life he doesn't remember choosing.

This is partially accomplished by the long shots and the successive shots of rooftops, buses and the kitchen table by first-time director Frazer Bradshaw. After seven years working as a DP, Bradshaw knows how to convey feelings through cinematography and paint a visual picture.

Clad in orange overalls and either walking or taking the bus, Wayne, a carpenter, sees himself as a clown, a character that he actually assumes at children's' parties.

Performances, deliberately flat, help to convey the frustration of the characters' lives. Laconic narration by Wayne and flashbacks let us know that before the kids were born Wayne and his wife Beth liked each other and had fun together. They had dreams about their life and the future. But youthful dreams have been deferred to adult reality.

Wayne comes to understand the difference between his needs and desires. He also realizes that his friends are equally bored and trapped - Leo separating from his wife and Manny, shooting crack in his car.