Monday, November 9, 2009


By D.E.Levine

Director: Brian Baugh
Writer: Jim Britts
Cast: Randy Wayne, Deja Kreutzberg, Joshua Weigel, Steven Crowder, D.David Morin, Sean Micahel, Bubba Lewis, Robert Baily Jr., Kim Hildago, Arjay Smith, Orin Mozon, Lamont Thompson, Trinity Scott, Janora McDuffie, Laura Black, David Starzyk, Monique Edwards, Joseph Narducci, Lori Rom, Dee Baldus, Nicole Franco, Lee Ann Kim, Christian Pike, Jason Evans, Andy Crisp and David Kasdan
Producers: Jim Britts, Steve Foster and Nicole Franco
Executive Producer: Scott Evans
Co-producer: ChristinaK.Y. Lee
Running Time: Not Available
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Inspirational, Religious

To Save A Life is an inspiring and uplifting film aimed at teenagers and examining a variety of issues facing teenagers today.

The joint effort of Jim Britts and New Song Community Church in Oceanside California, the film is a particularly high quality in appearance and is acted by experienced professional actors.

The writer, Jim Britts, is a youth pastor who has penned a script about challenges faced by youth today. The film centers around a popular teenage athlete, Jake Taylor, who rejects his childhood friend, Roger Dawson, in high school, and the consequences of that rejection.

Roger, who became permanently maimed in childhood by pushing Jake out of the path of a car and having his leg crushed, becomes so depressed that he commits suicide in school, in front of Jake. Jake, who has been living a life of popularity and prominence, is profoundly affected by Roger's death which causes him to examine his own actions and the guilt he feels because of them.

After finding Roger's blog has posts describing his feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness, Jake discovers that there are many other teenagers feeling alienated from family and society and they are calling out for help in their comments and blogs posted on the Internet.

Not a religious person, Jake begins attending youth services at the invitation of an offbeat youth pastor and to the astonishment of his parents and girlfriend.

Discovering things about himself and his world that motivate him to make changes in his life, he begins reaching out and befriending those teenagers who are less popular than himself.

While his discoveries propel him to take action, his acceptance with the popular crowd is diminished as as he begins to befriend and encourage members of the less popular and more alienated teenage group.

As Jake deals with his shift in popularity, accepts responsibility for the pregnancy of his girlfriend, and examines his life and actions, he has to make some very adult decisions such as sacrificing some very big dreams and expectations of his own in order to step up and take responsibility for his past and present actions.

His experiences cause him to realize that other teens, especially those who are ostracized by the popular teenagers, are yearning to be heard, and he reaches out to them offering help and empathy. Persisting, even when some of the depressed students reject his overtures, he literally prevents other suicides.

Throughout the film there are inherent questions put to characters and viewers such as "how important is saving the life of another human being to you" and "what would you be willing to risk to save a life?"

The film is being distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films, a major independent film studio that has found surprising success with the distribution of religious motivational productions (i.e Saving Grace)

Goldwyn is partnering with Outreach Films division of Outreach Inc. in Vista, CA. Outreach Films concentrates on providing high quality inspiring entertainment and has been extremely successful in providing rewarding experiences to an expanding audience base. It has helped promote The Chronicles of Narnia and The Passion of the Christ, films that were extremely popular in mainstream America and which carried inspirational and religious messages.

Popular films carrying religious messages have been extremely profitable as well as popular worldwide, and have shown Hollywood the potential of tapping into the Christian audience. This audience is sophisticated and expects professional products on a par with other Hollywood productions and through the participation of major studios like Disney, they're getting it.

To Save a Life is a polished film that is the first written screenplay by Britts, who is a graduate of Biola University's film school. Biola is a university that focuses on Biblically centered education. To Save A Life is also the directorial debut for Brian Baugh, who has been Director of Photography on many other films.