Friday, February 5, 2010


By D.E.Levine

Director: Johan Renck
Writers: Pamela Cuming and Lee Ross (screenplay); Lee Ross (story)
Cast: Maria Bello, Jason Patric, Rufus Sewell, Amy Brenneman, David Brown, Matthew Harrison, Sunny Doench, Justin Scott and Josh Strait
Producers: Jason Essex, Igor Kovacevich,David D. Moore and Cole Payne
Executive Producers: Julie Aaron, Adam Batz, Philip H. Clinkscales III, Maddox Pace Clinkscales, Chris Hanley, Sean McVity, Mark Mueller and Stephen Onda
Co-producers: Dawn Fanning
Co-executive Producer: Karen Beninati
Line Producer: Rhonda Baker
Original Music: Krister Linder
Running Time: 102 Minutes
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Thriller

A film that's extremely emotional, powerful and uncomfortable. Played by Maria Bello, Nancy Stockwell is an unhappy and self-destructive housewife who likes to cut and burn herself in order to escape memories of an unhappy childhood and a very miserable marriage. One day she leaves her husband a note that she has gone to see friends and disappears.

Her marriage is emotionless and cold to a husband whose only intimacy is with golf. This causes Nancy to seek men on the Internet with whom she can have encounters. Other people might seek alternative activities or friends online to make her happy but Nancy is actively seeking someone to kill her.

It isn't just a simple killing that she desires. Nancy wants to be tortured emotionally, physically and sexually. When she finds Louis Farley online, she seems to find just the torturer/killer/assassin she desires.

Downloading Nancy is all about two hurt and bruised people hurting and bruising each other. The film is a bleak, chilly, morbid sadomasochistic piece presented in a series of vignettes.

The style comes from director Renck's previous experience in the music and commercial video field.

Bello's performance is frightening in its despair which goes much deeper than remorse for a loveless marriage. She's a neurotic requiring pain as is Louis.

Don't see this film if you're looking for something upbeat and light. This is a deep experience of depravity and psychological depravity that leave the viewer with a real sense of dread and despondency.