Thursday, May 13, 2010


By D.E.Levine

A Tribeca Film Festival selection

Director: Dsvid Russo
Writer: David Russo
Cast: Marshall Allman, Melissa D. Brown, Richard Lefebvre, Russell Hodgkinson, Natasha Lyonne, Agatha Nowicki, Tania Raymonde, Tygh Runyan, Matt Smith, Vince Vieluf et al.
Producers: Peggy Case
Executive Producer: Michael Seiwerath
Co-executive Producers: A.Joel Eisenberg, David P. Glickman, Garr Godfrey, Malayka Gormally, May L. McCarthy and Menno van Wyk
Original Music: Background music played by Awesome
Running Time: 105 Minutes
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Genre: Comedy

This film is hilarious. What starts out as what seems to be a straightforward story takes numerous funny unexpected turns and becomes a witty dark comedy.

Drawing upon his 11 years experience as a janitor, Seattle artist and filmmaker David Russon creates an unusual film that is totally enjoyable.

Dory is a good guy who can't find a data manager job after he's fired. Recommended by a former co-worker to Spiffy Jiffy Janitorial Services, he goes to work cleaning offices at night.

The Spiffy Jiffy crew gets their job done but they manage to have fun along the way, doing some rather unusual things like taking photos of the most unusual clogged toilets.

After being caught trash diving by a food company employee, Dory is invited to attend a food testing session. When the results are less than stellar, the food company employee encourages Dory to try the self-warming cookies again when they're perfected and decides to surreptitiously test new cookies on the janitorial staff by throwing new, wrapped samples into the trash.

As the unsuspecting janitorial crew trash dive and eat the cookie samples they become less than happy.

Unfortunately, the self-warming component of the cookies doesn't do what's expected and in men it produces hallucinations, terrible stomach cramping and the birthing of blue fish.

On the whole the material is absurd and ridiculous but the audience gets the idea that it's meant to be that way. Obviously, Russo means this to be a light-hearted work not to be taken too seriously.

To that end, Russo succeeds since the film is fanciful, whimsical and rather wacky and doesn't require any deep thought or conjectures.