Wednesday, November 17, 2010


By D.E.Levine

Director: Philip Ridley
Writer: Philip Ridley
Cast: Jim Sturgess,Clemence Posey, Nigel Clarke, Luke Treadaway, Justin Salinger
Producers: Pippa Cross and Richard Raymond
Executive Producers: Steve Christian, Steve Norris, Marc Samuelson, Nigel Thoman and Charlotte Walls, Timothy Spall
Co-producer: Andrew Fingret
Line Producer: Alexander O'Neal
Original Music: David Julyan
Running Time: 114 Minutes
Country of Origin: United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Horror

This is a psychological thriller that has a lot of heart despite being called "Heartless."

Jamie, a shy, East Londoner facially disfigured by a wine-colored birthmark is still suffering from the death of his beloved father 10 years before. An introverted photographer, Jamie has learned to endure the gawking stares of neighbors and strangers.

Extremely watchable, Jim Sturgess, as Jamie, fatefully interacts with supernatural beings in a suspenseful thriller. Even when pushed to murderous extremes, Jamie is extremely sympathetic to the audience.

One night, when wandering through the East End Jamie discovers that the gang of thugs wearing demon masks and terrorizing the neighborhood are actually demons. However, before he can tell anyone, Jammie and his mother are attacked, and his mother is killed.

While the film initially makes Jamie appear to be going the vigilante route, after a meeting with Papa B the "patron of random violence", Jamie is seduced into a Fasutian agreement where Papa B will remove his disfigurement and make him normal in return for his doing some extremely bad things.

While special effects are used sparingly, there is a strong supporting cast that helps achieve a truly scary experience for the audience.