Monday, November 1, 2010


By D.E.Levine

Director: Patrick Hughes
Writer: Patrick Hughes
Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Tommy Lewis, Claire van der Boom, Christopher Davis, Kevin Harrington, Richard Sutherland, Ken Radley, John Brumpton, Cliff Ellen, Jim Daly, Dom Phelan, Eddie Baroo, Tim Hughes, Ken Connley, Richard E. Young and Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Producers: Al Clark and Patrick Hughes
Executive Producers: Rob Galluzzo, Greg Mclean and Craig McMahon
Associate Producers: Rachel Higgins and Kate Menzies
Line Producer: Ray Hennessy
Original Music: Dmitri Golovko
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Country of Origin: Australia
Language: English
Genre: Action, Thriller, Western

Red Hill is a surprisingly good, taut western thriller that takes place in the rugged Australian countryside.

Centering on Shane Cooper, a young constable who relocates to the Australian countryside so his pregnant wife can have a quieter environment, the film focuses on his first day which turns out to be anything but the quiet time he expected.

Dealing with a prison outbreak and the escape of a convicted murderer who wants vengeance against the residents of Red Hill, Cooper is initiated into a job he may have trained for but never actually expected.

An extremely violent and bloody film, this is not for youngsters. However, it is a good action thriller that keeps the viewer absorbed and on the edge of his/her seat throughout.

There are also unexpected twists and turns along the way with a surprise ending that adds to the overall tension of the film.

The casting is well done with the various actors believable in their characters and each contributing an essential part to the overall plot.

A small film, it's not known how it will be received to large audiences, but it's a film well worth seeing for good action and thrills.