Sunday, December 19, 2010


By D.E.Levine

Director: Tony Goldwyn
Writer: Pamela Gray
Cast: Hillary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Thomas D. Mahard, Owen Campbell, Conor Donovan, Laurie Brown, John Pyper-Ferguson, Minnie Driver, Ele Bardha, Melisso Leo,
Producers: Tony Goldwyn, Andrew S. Karsch and Andrew Sugarman
Executive Producers: Markus Barmettler, Anthony Callie, Alwyn Kushner, Myles Nestel, Tim Smith and Hillary Swank
Co-producers: Ed Cathell III and Dama Claire
Original Music: Paul Cantelon
Running Time: 107 Minutes
Country of Origin:
Language: English
Genre: Biography, Drama

It's obvious from the beginning that Kenny Waters wasn't a very nice man. However, taken from a true story, this film shows that while he might not have been nice he was innocent and yet he was convicted of murder and spent most of his life in jail.

Undeterred by the finding, his sister believed him innocent and reshaped her entire life to prove him innocent.

Railroaded by a vengeful cop, Kenny has numerous people "think" they saw him near or leaving the crime.

Working class people, Kenny and his sister, Betty Ann, had stuck together through a bad childhood and an absent father. Despite his faults, Betty Ann has unswerving faith in her brother.

In fact, Betty Ann, a married mother without a high school diploma, reinvents herself and earns a high school diploma, a college degree and then a law degree.

Along the way her marriage disintegrates and she forms a friendship with a law school classmate who also dedicates her life to proving Kenny innocent.

Based on DNA testing, which didn't exist during his original conviction, Kenny is exonerated and joyously reunited with his family.

In real life, only six months after being set free, Kenny died from a fractured skull he got in an accident.

The story is amazing and shows what perseverance, determination and hard work can do to a life. Betty Ann Warren reinvented herself and her life and although her brother is gone she continues to work to free prisoners who were wrongly convicted.