Saturday, January 8, 2011


By D.E.Levine

Director: Stephen Herek
Writer: S.J.Roth
Cast: Paul Levesque, Kevin Corrigan, Jose Zuniga, Kevin Rankin, Enrico Colantoni, Israel Broussard, Jake Austin Walker, Ashley Taylor, Cullen Chaffin, Darren O'Hare, Nick Gomez, Annabeth Gish, Ariel Winter et al.
Producer: Michael Pavone
Executive Producers: David Calloway
Co-producers: Nancy Hirami and Suzanne Lyons
Line Producer: Todd Lewis
Original Music: Jim Johnston
Running Time: 103 Minutes
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Family

This film is another World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) venture into another form of entertainment. It stars one of the WWE's top athletes.

Paul Levesque has already made a name for himself as Tiple H, the number one WWE athlete, and he has also successfully ventured into film and television.

Definitely a feel good movie with an uplifting story, the story centers around Ray Bradstone who used to be the best wheel man in the robbery business.

Just released from jail, Ray has sworn he's going to go straight and rebuild the relationships with his daughter and ex-wife that were destroyed when he went to jail. He's determined to be a good parent this time around.

Unfortunately, with a record and limited skills Ray can't find honest work so he agrees to go in on a job with his former bank robbery crew.

At the last minute he reconsiders and abandons the thieves to join his daughter's class as a chaperone on a bus trip to New Orleans. Since he's taken the bank heist money with him on the bus, the robbery crew follow the bus to New Orleans.

What follows is comedic misadventure as Ray attempts to be a Dad to his daughter, oversee her relationship with a teenage boy, and thwart the bank robbers.

You can take the kids to this film and the entire family will have a good time and enjoy both the story and the acting.

While it may not win any awards, it's good, clean, enjoyable entertainment.