Thursday, December 15, 2011


By D.E.Levine

Out of Bollywood comes a clever and thoroughly enjoyable science fiction/thriller/comedy. In India they've been talking about this film for a long time, since it besides being an extravagant film it also has India's biggest film star.

The story centers on Shekhar Subramanium, a video game designer who lives in London and who is thought by his son, Pratik, to be very "uncool."

Shekjhar designs a game, Ra-One with a villain of the same name, who is almost invincible. Pratik, who plays video games under the name "Lucifer" actually defeats Ra-One on a certain level, causing Ra-One to become so angry that he escapes from the machine and goes in search of Lucifer.

When Shekhar claims that he is Lucifer, in an attempt to save his son's life, Ra-One kills him. Ra-One doesn't stop there. Learning that he didn't kill Lucifer, he assumes the identity of Shekhar's colleague, Akashi (Tom Wu) and goes in search of Paitak.

Pratik goes to his father's office where he and Jenny (Shashana Goswami) decide that the G-One (Good-One) has to be released from the game to bsttle Ra-One.
leave London chased by Ra-One to go to India. They are followed and attacked by Ra-One. After many near misses, the Good-One assumes the identity of Shekhar and battles Ra-One.

The trio, thinking Ra-One defeated, go to India, but the resurrected Ra-One follows them in order to kill both Pratik and the Good-One.

There's lots of action as well as some really great Bollywood musical song and dance numbers.

We know happens but we won't spoil your fun by telling you. Buy s ticket and enjoy an exciting, fun-filled movie