Thursday, March 8, 2012


By D.E.Levine

It's the adaption of a Norwegian thriller, but it's filled with humor due to some unexpected and somewhat ridiculous twists.

Roger (Aksel Hennie) is a good-looking but totally obnoxious middle executive headhunter. He buys his wife expensive and continuous gifts because he fears losing her. While he loves her, Roger betrays his wife by cheating on her. It's also very costly to keep buying her expensive gifts so he also betrays his employer by using his job to find out information about wealthy executive applicant.

His wife runs an art gallery where Roger meets Clas and learns about a rare Reubens painting that Clas has just inherited. Setting Clas up with an interview, Roger calls his wife in the middle of stealing the Reubens and it's then that he learns his wife is cheating on him with Clas.

When Clas decides to eliminate Roger bu killing him, the plot thickens and the twists begin. Civilian Roger is up against the military expert Clas and if he wants to stay alive he has to outmaneuver him. It's especially difficult, when Clas brings in his tracking dog and even more difficult when Roger discovers tracking devices were physically planted on him.

He may not be military but he's clever and devious, and because of that Roger manages to elude Clas and lead him on a long and tortuous chase. But Roger suffers some terrible perils while leading the chase and Clas is always close behind.

As the action grows more gruesome, the comedy grows more absurd As much as the audience dislikes Roger, they are rooting for his survival because of Clas' malevolence. Roger may be arrogant and self-centered, but Clas is pure evil.

As the story plays out there are unexpected twists and turns and the comedy grows in proportion to the violence.

All in all this is a truly enjoyable film. Fortunately, the subtitles are done well so that the proper emotion and action are conveyed in each scene.