Friday, December 14, 2012


Bu D.E,.Levine

Director Tim Burton has made a 3D black and white stop action film about a boy who brings his beloved deceased dog back to life.

An extended version of a 1984 short that he did for Disney in 1984, the film bears the signature creepiness that Burton is noted for in all his films.

After Victor Frankenstein loses his dog Sparky in an auto accident, Victor, after seeing a science class demonstration of how electricity makes a dead frog's legs kick, decides he will experiment with electricity and see whether he can bring Sparky back to life.

Working in the attic on a dark and stormy night, Victor does indeed restore Sparky to life.  However, when fellow students steal his secret and bring all their dead pets back to life, there is a real problem, especially when all the little monsters invade a festival on Main Street.

While this film is a bit scary for small children, it is a bit of a rehash of former Burton films and doesn't carry quite the same scare level as some of his others.