Wednesday, December 26, 2012


By D.E,Levine

A 3D animated film from Disney that pays homage to the classic video game culture, Wreck-It Ralph is delightful.

With Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) a so-called bad guy who wrecks buildings in an arcade game  called "Fix-It Felix Jr." a video game located in Mr. Litwak's  (Ed O'Neill) video arcade.

After 30 days, tired of always being the bad guy,  Ralph tells fellow attendees at a "Bad-Anon" meeting that he's a reluctant villain.  His job is to tear down apartment buildings inhabited by the Nicelanders who virtually worship Felix (Jack McBrayer) for his superior repair skills.

Peeping in the windows at the Nicelanders frequent cocktail parties, Ralph decides that if he can earn a medal he might also get some respect from the Nicelanders.  Ingeniously, using the power cords and surge protectors of the arcade to travel to Game Central Station, Ralph has now arrived at the gateway to all of the games in the store.

Once he learns that hi-def "Hero's Duty' awards a medal for bravery, Ralph decides that's the game for him and he joins Sergeant Calhoun's (Jane Lynch) platoon to battle the Cy-Bugs.  The Cy-Bugs are a nasty computer virus that take the form of cyber spiders.

Escaping "Hero's Duty" with his medal, Ralph is attacked on board one of Sergeant Calhoun's spaceships by an enormous Cy-Bug and crash lands the spaceship in "Sugar Rush", a race car game.

Ralph loses his medal to Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), who refuses to return it , Sugar Rush, King Candy, Vanbecause she intends to use it to stake her entry into one of the Sugar Rush races.  She's a real brat but Ralph is helpless as far as getting her to return the medal.

After meeting Sugar Rush dictator King Candy, Ralph decides to join forces with Vanellope to recover his medal and get Vanellope a spot in one of the races.  Before they can do that they must break into King Candy's specialized factory, build a competitive race car and teach Vanellope to drive the car.

In a radical turn of events we find that Felix has left the Wreck-It Ralph game and the Nicelanders in order to find his friend and return him to the game, and also to save the Sugar Rush game from invasive Cy-Bugs before they cause the game to flatline.

This is an original and interesting film and visually provides great color and action.  It should appeal to all ages.