Wednesday, April 23, 2014


by D.E.Levine

A Tribeca Film Festival 2014 selection

Martha Stevens and Aaron Katz have created a delightful film that covers the journey of two senior citizen across Iceland.

Earl Lynn Nelson is Mitch,an aging American surgeon who unexpectedly shows up at the Kentucky home of  his former brother-in-law Colin (Paul Eenhor) to cheer Colin up.  When outgoing Mitch tells a more subdued Colin that the two of them are going to Iceland, Colin at first protests.

When they land in Reykjavik Mitch's plan is fairly simple. He proposes they stay in nice hotels, eat at good restaurants and smoke some good pot.  After that, the plan is to travel through the beautiful countryside and visit some hot springs and hiking spots.

Mitch and Colin are soon joined by Mitch's distant female relation, Ellen,(Karrie Crouse) and her traveling companion Janet (Elizabeth McKee), who have been touring Greenland.  As they eventually bid good-bye to the ladies and travel the interior, we learn more about the mens' personal lives, disappointments, failed first marriages, relationships with their children and their professional set backs.

The story is interesting, the cinematography exquisite, and this modest budget film was shot in only 18 days and finished within a year.  The actors play perfectly against each other, developing characters that will remain with us for a long time..