Tuesday, January 6, 2015


By D.E.Levine

I had the good fortune to speak to writer/director/actor Desiree Akhavan at length and it's interesting that everything she previously worked on and submitted to film festivals was rejected.  However, with Appropriate Behavior, a low budget film where she utilized friends and film schoolmates, Sundance accepted it and it made quite a hit when it was shown at the festival.

Shirin (Desiree Akhavan) storms out of her girlfriend's apartment after an explosive argument.  This was her first girlfriend and she fills in the background of the relationship through a series of vignettes..

Seeking to find a place to live and rebound from the relationship Shirin is hampered by hurt, cycnicism, lack of a job and money, and the fact that her traditional Iranian family has no idea about her sexual orientation (she's bisexual).

With her girlfriend she lived in Park Slope, a pretty nice area.  Now, with limited funds and options, Shirin moves to Bushwick and the viewer watches as she attempts to navigate her new environment. Shirin just isn't motivated by anything.  She's on the fence about most things and doesn't appear to have any real passion for what she wants to do with herself.

Akhavan shows great promise in both her writing and directing.  She's also generous in sharing her success, insisting that her collaborators are in large part responsible for the accomplishments she's achieved.

Appropriate Behavior is largely biographical and an interesting start for a new talent from whom we can expect more to come.