Monday, February 2, 2015


By D.E.Levine

It's very common to fear the unknown.  In David Robert Mitchell's It Follows we see what it's like to know what you're afraid of and still be terrified.

The premise is simple.  A young girl, Jay (Maika Monroe) has a sexual experience and then feels that a presence is lurking about her and following her.  This is a real horror film that utilizes a common youthful activity as the catalyst. Quite literally, if you have sex in It Follow, you must die.

This is Mitchell's second full length feature and he manages to create terror just about everywhere, regardless of whether it's night or day, sunlit or overcast, areas populated with people or empty houses, streets and playgrounds.

What's even more terrifying is the presence can change forms and adopt those of people who are known and trusted.  The dilemma is how to tell the "real" person from the murdering "presence".

The original score by Disasterpiece adds to the tension and terror.  There are scenes and images that evoke early John Carpenter from 30-40 years ago.

It would be simple to give a spoiler alert in this review but that would ruin the effect of the film.  It's better to watch It Follows with little or no prior knowledge so that you can reap the full effect of the film.