Thursday, April 21, 2016


A Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Selection

By D.E.Levine

A beautifully photographed documentary about Benjamin Millepied's attempt to stage his first show as the newly hired  dance director of the Paris Opera Ballet.

Millepied was a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet and a major contributor to Darren Aronofsky's film "Black Swan,"  Recognized for his abilities he was hired to take over the nerve-wracking dance director job at the Paris Opera Ballet.

From the beginning, Millepied seems wonderfully suited to the task.  He is energized to reimagine the famed institution for the modern era.  Millepied sees modernization as the way to keep the institution relevant both for the dancers and the audiences.

The first to ever cast a mixed-race lead in a classical ballet at the Paris Opera Ballet, a leader who encourages his dancers to let their unique personalities shine through, Millepied seems intent on major changes.  However, the film doesn't show much opposition to Millepied's attempts to bring the reknown institution into the 21st century.

There isn't much tension in this film.  It's simply beautiful and inspiring.