Friday, April 15, 2016


A Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Selection

By D.E.Levine

The film is about how Ron Book, a powerful Florida lobbyist, discovers that his daughter was sexuaally abused by the nanny entrusted with her care.  Speaking at the beginning of the film, even 10 years later, Book is moved to tears.

With money and considerable political power, Book and his daughter Lauren (the victim of the abuse), take on the threat of sexual predators.

As a lobbyist, Book is not accustomed to the word "no".  Ron Book is a man on a mission, pursuing the passage of ever increasingly restrictive laws and amendments pertaining to people on the sex offenders register.

However, director David Feige, a lawyer turned author, makes a case that sex offenders (the term covers a very broad category of individuals) are being denied due process and their basic human rights as a result of the increasingly stricter laws that are meant to protect the larger population.  Indeed, he conends that by forcing convicted sex offenders out of their homes, it becomes increasingly difficult for law enforcment agencies to keep track of them.

While Ron Book contends that he is out to do good and protect the population from sex offenders, Feige's more measured and less sensational approach shows the ramifications that some of of the laws have on innocents (such as the children of the offenders).